10 June 2015

abounding betterness

Last night, I boiled the lil red new potatoes pictured here and then mixed some butter and curry into them.  And ground pistachios.  Why?  Well, why not?

They were tasty and I'd do them like that again, if I think about it.  Truth is I have all sorts of ground nuts at the moment, because I didn't get to use them up making energy balls...because I burned up my food processor's lil motor that couldn't while I was mincing dried cherries and dates.  So I stopped making the energy balls and now have bags of ground nuts {which didn't cause problems, but the dried cherries gummed up the works, imagine that?}.  Usually I forget about the ground peanuts, walnuts, pecans, pistachios. and wheat germ.  But yesterday, I remembered because I was thinking about a dish that I used to make often in my twenties, using boiled potatoes, sunflower seeds, butter or sour cream, and some cheese.   It was the sunflower seeds that sent me to the nut cupboard.   So yes, I'd make the boiled potatoes with curried butter and pistachios again.

But as most of you know, my husband does 99% of the cooking, baking, sauteeing, boiling, grilling, and so forth that's done here.  The other one percent is actually done by guests.  Yes, guests cook, because they want to.  I cook too, but rarely.  Not sure why.  I used to cook often.  But don't much anymore.  And when I cook, I usually end up with a huge pot of whatever it is that is being made.

So my husband is now slicing and dicing some veggies from Lancaster Farms for dinner.  Actually his main purpose was to saute the cabbage that I forgot we had in the fridge; but now that the other veggies are sauteing in the pan, there is no room for the cabbage.

So we'll have the cabbage tomorrow.  Today was a better day than yesterday and I hope tomorrow will be better still!  My awesome husband feels better, I feel better, the pups feel better; betterness abounds!

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