21 June 2015


Today's Fathers' Day, a time when children call their fathers or visit them, giving them neckties,
grilling accessories, and so forth.  Those things were never really appropriate for my dad.  Visiting with him, yes, of course~~if that was possible.  Sometimes we lived states away from each other.  At those times, a phone call would do.  Most times, a card was given.

Choosing the right card can be tricky.  Because usually the typical father's day cards mentioned golf, boating, fishing, etc.  Dad didn't do those things.  Well he did go fishing, but not with such an undying passion that would necessitate a card devoted to it.

I do not remember ever giving my dad a necktie.  He seldom wore them and had a few that would suffice if a wedding, funeral, or day in court arose.  So lots of the typical images of fatherhood just didn't seem to fit.

My father is a complex man in that he's not the most predictable person.  He's a simple man in that his needs are few.  He is a great listener, a deep thinker, and can tell the most amazing stories.  He has a great sense of humor, is charming, and has a capacity for kindness, caring, and love.

So if your father doesn't fit into the model commercial image of dad's day pictures; so what?  As long as you dad was your dad, a good man with an interest in you and someone you can turn to in moments of celebration, sharing those victories in life, a parent you can depend on to extend support, when you need it the most, a listening ear, offering sage advice, and as long as YOU are happy with you dad, who cares if he doesn't wear a necktie, goes golfing, or owns a pair of dock shoes.

Your dad is probably the onliest one you're gonna have, so be glad of him.  I love you dad, and I hope you've a great day today and always.  Huggles and chuckles, your dear daughter debra.

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