05 June 2015


Those of you who know me, also know that I think I have the best husband I could possibly have; he's supportive, loving, accepting, witty, giving, goofy, and so very caring that sometimes our love~fest of appreciation makes others nauseous with all the sweetness overflowing and coating
every surface with sticky honey love.

Jerry is also my personal shopper, cuz I hate shopping, especially for clothes.  He has good tastes and knows what I like, so is able to pick things that he knows I'll wear and appreciate.  Aren't I lucky?

Last night, when I got home from a day of running about like a crazed social moth, Jerry had a few things for me.

One was a sleeveless, maxi dress.  The bodice is a smooth black fabric that is lightweight.  The rest is a white paisley on a blue background with black touches here and there.  Fits wonderfully and it'll work well for "summer casual" events...cuz my definition is considerably different than polite society's idea.

And a lovely card "just because".

It features "Boofle", a knit puppy.  The card itself has textured relief, of the garter stitched head and ears, ribbing for the paws, and tighter reverse knit for his nose.  The back of the card tells the brand's story:

"Grandpa's favorite sweater was old and frayed,
But Grandma knew something more could be made.
She started to sew on that cold winter's night,
And Boofle was born~~to the children's delight!
Boofle was all that a cute pup should be~~
A lovable friend for you and for me!"

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