31 July 2011

Knit Wit

Well, dudes, I've been knitting and witting.  This is scarf number five.  Or six.  I have two others on needles in the works.  One is in my car and the other is here in the house.  It's just that I wanted to try a different stitch combination for a medium to thick ribbing, that had some stretch to it, so that is why I started this one yesterday afternoon.  It's about three feet right now.

I just lectured my husband on priorities.  Namely, his health versus having a splendid yard.  I know the yard work is very important to him.  His health is important to me.  Why would his health be jeopardized by the yard work?

Well, ya know how hot every where is right now?  In Mississippi, we have lots of humidity as well.  This means that what may be a HOT day, may actually be a dangerously hot day, once the heat index is taken into account.

So this coming week our high TEMPS {without the heat index} are:  Monday 98, Tue 99, Wed 100, Thurs 101, and Fri 100.  He wants to take Wed off from his work at MSU to mow about four or five acres.  So I said that I understand he wants to mow {cuz all that humidity is making our grass and weeds get rather unruly, fast}, but I worry about him.

Compromise?  I told him to come in and shower at 2pm and plant his butt in his chair, eat popsicles, and watch tv til at least 4p.  Then if he still feels that he just absolutely needs to get out there, he can.  The hottest part of the day is usually between two and four, here.

I'd just like to say that at seven this evening, the heat index read 104.  SEVEN o'clock.  104!  So just imagine what the heat indexes are going to be like in the middle of the day when the temps hit triple digits.  I'm just sayin'.


  1. I've had the same arguments with my dad. I think I've almost convinced him to not go out in this heat and fuss around in the garden too much.

  2. And even us "id-jits" like having someone that cares enough to make sure we don't take un-necessday risks!


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