05 July 2011

in the name of Mr Anonymous Gifter

Long time readers will remember that the second half of 2008 started rough and rocky but ended on a great note!  I met my husband in mid~December that year and that, my friends, made all the other crappity~crap worth wading thru.  I won't rehash all of that six months' toils and boils, go back and read my entries from then if you really are that interested.

However, mid~November to mid~December I was having all sorts of car problems.  At one point, Mr Anonymous Gifter stepped up and paid to have my gas~tank replaced.  Now, he was elderly and had been gifting folks for quite some time, as he served as the benefactors board for his church.  But I was the second person to have actually thanked him.  This was a sad commentary on how entitled folks feel.  At any rate, I figured I could get the message of thanks to him the same way that he got the plea for help; so I not only thanked him right then with a card and some home~baked cookies and breads, I also continued to thank him annually with a card and some item {in 2009 it also involved crocheted hotpads}.

A couple weeks back, he died.  I knew who he was {uhm, a smart girl who uses the computer and checks out the tubeZ for info, 'twasn't hard to obtain}, so when I heard that he had died, I read over his obituary {online}.  His wife asked that all and any memorials be sent to the Sunnybrook Childrens Home just outside of Jackson {our state capital}.

This was a no~brainer.  Earlier this evening, I sent an eMail to the organization, asking if I could donate crocheted items to their kids, parents, and other staff.  I'd like to give back to the folks who helped me when I needed it.  This would be a good way to continue to show my appreciation for Mr Anonymous Gifter.

I urge you to find a charity, organization, effort, cause, whatever that you can feel strongly about and for and DO something.  Maybe you can't build a house, but I bet you can slap a paint brush on a wall.  Maybe you can't donate a wad of cash, but I bet you can give some time to help set up for an event.  There are so many ways that you can do something, anything, for someone, anyone.

Here's to you, Mr Anonymous Gifter.  Thank you so very much.


  1. Way to go -- good karma all around! :)

  2. Well Said! - and Mr. A. G.'s legacy is still giving.

  3. Nicely written Ms Deb. I know, I haven't been by in a while. But here I am!


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