22 July 2011

JoAnn's sale

JoAnn's online had a sale, all their yarn was thirty percent off.  Out of hundreds of selections, I narrowed down my final choices.  LionBrand Jiffy has been a favorite of mine from when I first was able to try it years ago when our local WalMart carried it.  I chose the autumnal colors of our wedding~~gold, rust, and wine.

I saw that RedHeart has some new cotton that I wanted to try.  I've never even seen it before {not in person, just online}.  So I thought a sale would be the perfect time to get it.  I got tangerine and currant.  Yea!!  Yea for me!  And yea for whomever gets the final crafted product using these scrumptious fibers!

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  1. At first glance I thought this was a photo of some really plump sausages!


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