10 August 2011

Ready Brek...?

Because I've been doing lots of wasteful things instead of primarily focusing on constructive things of late, I have been reading lots of blogs lately.  See, I belong to a group called Ravelry {link in the left bar} which focuses on us yarny types {fellow fiber freaks, yea!!}.  And in that community, many people list their blogs on their profile pages.  And if I like their work, or find them interesting, or just want to kill time doing absolutely nothing directly creative; I go blog gandering.

And I find out lil interesting tid~bits of trivial knowledge that have no significant import other than my then thinking/writing about them myself.

Enter "Ready Brek".  In the photo, it appeared to be a bowl of smushy oatmeal gripped in a chubby toddler's hand.  But I googled it lest I assume incorrectly that Ready Brek referred to instant breakfast in the guise of quick oats.  And yes, it is.

However, WIKI gave me pause as apparently Ready Brek is not only available in original, SuperOaty, and Honey...but CHOCOLATE.  My brain stuttered a bit as I tried to conceive of choco~oats in the form of a hot breakfast like oatmeal versus the super~surgared chocolatee children's dry cereals.  UuuuhmmmMM...?

And then, I remembered the conversation I had a few years back regarding peanut butter.  The Aussee I was chatting with while eating a fluffer~nutter {a marshmallow creme confection which draws puzzlement here in the South} shuddered over the thought of peanut~butter and jelly.  "Why would you do that?"  {shudder, shudder}  "What would possess you people to do such a horrible thing?"  I thought she meant mixing legumes with jelly.

But no.  She clarified that it was a horrible fate, sticky jelly smothering those poor beans.  Wasn't it bad enough that we made paste out of them?

Uhm.  Vegemite anyone?


  1. I will try vegemite one day. I must.

  2. Wow! I had to look up "Vegemite" and see what it is.


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