29 July 2011


Wow!  Earlier today I received the 1960s vintage Sears interchangeable knitting needle kit, similar to the one pictured here.  Earlier this week, I won the bid on eBay for it and ended up paying less than half {including shipping} than what modern interchangeable knitting needle kits go for when they are on sale.  I was so excited that I resembled a toddler getting her hands on a lego set for the first time.  My husband was all excited that I was excited!

AND I went to the monthly meeting of the local knitters guild this evening.  That was before I realized that the package addressed to my husband contained this kit.  I had an excellent time and enjoyed meeting the ladies.

BUT WAIT!!!  That's not all!  My husband and I are going to PA to a Knittreat in November.  It'll be our gift to each other.  I'm so excited!

AND!  I have made some adjustments to some meds and feel much more energetic and more enthusiastic about things {especially since I'm not dragging}.

BUT WAIT!!  {are you expecting a plea that if you order now, in the next five minutes, you too can receive a set of extra~sharp knives for two easy payments of some amount ending with a nine or a five,  AND you also will receive the tomato you can cut with the sharp knives??  are you??}  I've been meeting with other local fiber freaks, and I'm excited about that too!

I must go to sleep now, all this excitement is exhausting!  grins, debra


  1. I'll bet the instructions that came with it has some cool, vintage-y clip art!

  2. Are you driving to PA, or Flying? If driving, come visit me in Ohio, or I could stand at the top of an overpass and wave!
    Love the scarves, I'm e mailing your blog to a friend of mine, her blog is http://dlsshetlands.blogspot.com/
    Talk to you soon,


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