07 July 2011

Fiber~Freaks UNITE!

Knit1 Oxford is a fairly new yarny store located in Oxford, Mississippi.  When Jerry and I went to the Fiber Fest in January, Knit1 folks were very friendly.  I joined their mailing list and have been debating with myself about the intensive knitting class they offer frequently.  Finally the other night, I contacted them to ask if the instructor teaches continental {yarn in the left hand knitting}.

Yes, I'm right~handed.  But I crochet and have been doing so for thirty some years.  Which means that I hold the hook with my right hand and use my left to provide the tension needed to feed the yarn properly.  So when I dabbled with knitting a few years back, I naturally held the yarn with my left hand.

However, most folks that knit {and do not crochet or learned to knit first} use their right hand to throw the yarn.  I'd be interested in the class, preferably if they also teach continental for those of us that are on the left.  So, it turns out that the instructor of that class does not knit continental and does not teach that way either.

BUT WAIT!!  There is another lovely lady that does!  So we got it all set up and she is going to work with me on my knitting, molding me into a yarny~type that can add yet another craft to my mix.  Yea!!!

I've got quite a few circular set of needles, including my favorite feel, the bamboo.  I also have some straight needles.  But at the moment, I'm refreshing my memory from when I taught myself briefly how to cast on and knit.  I'm using chop sticks and acrylic yarn.  But tomorrow, ahhhhhhhhh I get to plunge my fingers into wool and all sorts of other lovely frothy fibers.  And I might get some yummy~yarn to work with for the new craft!

When I did work with the circular needles a few years back, I used Jennifer Stafford's domiKnitrix:  whip your knitting into shape.  It is a fantabulousness tool to use to teach yourself some wicked kick~ass skills, besides how to knit and purl.

Stafford is indeed awesome.  She prefers to knit continental, but also shows english.  She gives great advice and good tips to remember for that extra appeal.  It was by using her book that I first even contemplated venturing into knitting, and I did several pieces using the circular needles to create in the round neck~warmer.  However, I didn't feel quite confident until I can actually watch someone who knits in a way I can understand and mimic.

I'm really excited about tomorrow's trip!


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