07 July 2011

The Columbus Arts Council features Elayne Goodman

The Columbus Arts Council is sponsoring a show and reception at the Rosenzweig Gallery tonight.  The show features works by Elayne Goodman, an MUW alumni.

Her work is also available for purchase on eBay and other online sites as well .physical locations.  She uses recycled materials and combines them in different ways to show new perspectives and a variety of forms.

One of the techniques Goodman uses often is to encrust items with other items into a collage of sorts.  For instance, she covered a stool's seat with Elvis memorabilia and laminated it so that the seat can still be used.  I think some of the bowls and vases she has covered with buttons are very interesting and eye~catching.

My husband and I are on our way to the reception this evening.  A friend of mine was newly named the executive director for the Columbus Arts Council and it will be nice to show our support.  I really had no idea that there was so much showcased there!  Later this month, two classical guitarists will be performing.  There are also classes and other events.  It will definitely be worth watching!

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  1. An Elvis toilet? That makes perfect sense....


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