04 March 2010

why, yes, I can

It just may be that going to the barber shop today had lasting side~effects besides the best haircut I've had for fifteen bucks in ...well...ever.

Across the street from our local public library is a barber shop with an honest~to~gawdah pole that's been there since back in the 60s. It's quite spacious and really is like taking a step back in time, several really large steps back in time. The equipment is amazing, great condition, but I haven't seen chairs and sinks like that since watching Mayberry's Floyd cut Andy's hair. I've seen that barber shop downtown hundreds of times and finally thought to stop in. And I am really Really REALLY glad I did! It's definitely a Man's World in there and a damn good thing that I comfortable in my womanhood enough not to be threatened by the lack of feminine feel. Awesome, and I'd recommend Tim to any person who wants a quick, effecient, great cut!

So then later in the day, I decided to give hooking up My Jerry's mother's entertainment set a shot. Setting it all up turned out to be more complicated than I thought because it actually was easier than I was trying to make it. In fact, My Jerry and I had the DirecTV, the DVD/VHS comb unit, and the TV all connected correctly but for one thing. We didn't have one of the four the co~ax ends screwed in tightly. Once we fixed that, it worked great!

The fact that the TV won't change to the channel that will allow you to view the DVD/VHS is mystifying and frustrating. My Jerry was feeling a tad hungry and light~headed and I was feeling overheated, so we called it quits for the evening and will worry about it tomorrow. She can watch the DirecTV and all the shows she TiVos. But we'd hoped we would be able to get everything running right so that she could see some of the DVD westerns. After all, tomorrow is her 75th birthday and how sweet would that have been?

So then I was finishing up a small afghan I'm making for the other birthday girl, My Jerry's granddaughter who is now six. I was on the last round before trimming it, when My Jerry came out into the living room to tell me that he thinks the clock in broke because the alarm switch was stuck mid~way between On and Off. This was frustrating as he was tired and all ready for bed and not feeling too perky. So he went off to dig up another alarm clock cuz he gets up really early for work.

This stand~in alarm clock makes me giggle, as it is one with superheros on it, and looks like an old windup with a hammer between two bells on top. Wonder woman is posing mid~throw with her magic lasso. It makes me imagine him as a lil boy, enthralled with comics.

I took the old LED clock with its weirdly stuck switch apart and fixed it. The board was not level inside that the toggle switch slides against to send electronic signals to complete circuits for either BUZZZZZZ or no buzz. I don't know if the board will hold the correct position or if we ought to retire this particular clock.

As the day draws to a close, I'm feeling particularly handy. And a lil satisfied that I was able to be Miss Fix~it. Or would that be Missus Fix~it?

Now if only I could figure out how to switch the TV to the non~existent channel.



  1. You are the (wo)man! Love ya, baby!

  2. I have literally screamed, cried and cursed the universe while trying to hook up electronics. Just the thought of it causes me to sweat profusely. :/


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