05 March 2010

Birthday partying

Today was My Jerry's mother's seventy~fifth birthday and we'd gotten her a small plant and took her to Applebee's where she had grilled shrimp {yum!}. Earlier in the day, the place she lives surprised her with a small party and a cake! When I went to pick her up, they had decorated her front door with a birthday card with balloons. Happy Birthday!

{this is about half the afghan pictured, you can see the center square in maroon with the next round being a light pink, like the yarn at the top of the last round}

Tomorrow is My Jerry's granddaughter's sixth birthday party. Yea! So to the left, you'll see some pix of a small afghan that I finished this evening for her. A couple weeks back, I posted a pic of a maroon and pink critter hat. We're wrapping both the hat and the afghan together to give her along with a couple other presents.

The afghan is a single granny~square. I used clusters of three double crochet stitches. It's a simple, basic stitch and pattern that most crocheters have down~pat and use for charity, gifts, and for their own families to cuddle and snuggle and keep warm with.

{This shows the afghan folded so that a quarter of it is shown. I did it in a round of one in maroon and then one in pink, then two in maroon and two in shades of pinks, then three rounds in the base of maroon, and so on til I reached six rounds in maroon, because she's six years old!}

It's odd, that as much crochet'ing as I do, that I really don't have much of the finished product myself. Usually, I am making something for some one in particular. I am thinking of them while I make the item and so it's truly for that particular person. I keep thinking, eventually, I crochet a quilt~ghan for keeps. But usually I have a few projects in mind for others, whom I want to make happy and pleasantly surprise. And as I long as I have fun with it all, that makes me happy to see them happy.

{This last pic is a close~up to show detail. The last round is with double the number of double crochet stitches in each cluster so that the edge has a slight ruffle to it. The top is the same girly~pink as the center, with the other three sides being a dustier rose pink to set off the maroon nicely.}

I hope this afghan makes this lil girly~girl happy, too!

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  1. I think as she gets older, she will appreciate it more. A lot of work (& love) goes into everything you make!


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