24 March 2010

current project

There are about eighty hexagons here, with me working on more every day. I just started this project about ten days ago, I think. The general idea was that I'd probably do something like the more traditional grandmother's country flower garden quilt. But with crocheted pieces instead.

So I need to start to think about how I want to do the lay~out {no two pieces are the same} and how I want to join them {method and yarn}. Usually, I start a project with someone in mind. I think about them the entire time I make the piece and then when I give it to them, it is truly theirs because it was made with them in mind. But with this one, I have someone/s in mind, but I won't know for sure til I do finish it and see it. Mostly this is cuz I'm not sure if the finished quilt~ghan will come out as I'd like because I'm not sure how I'll do with all the joining and piecing. I've never made this sort before, so if it turns out wonderfully well, then I'll give it to a nice married couple I know. If it doesn't turn out just right, then I'll do something else for them!


  1. It will be fantastic. YOU made it!

  2. I'm thinking you should add fishing lures (the fancy kind) somehow. Without pointy hooks of course.


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