30 March 2010

april's fools are multiduious, and unfortunately not confined to april

Yes, I realize that "multiduious" is not recognized by google, however, I am certain that most readers will understand exactly what I mean. It must be that I've been listening to My Jerry's Bowery Boy movies too much lately and it's beginning to affect my speech patterns in more than a few ways. Slip is always peppering his speech with words that are just slightly off what he means to say and some of them are absolutely heh~LARRY~us.

At any rate, I was writing to my friend {cuz I only have one, and dammit, she's MINE *stomp*} and I thought I'd share a snippet of the verbiage:

"This region of Mississippi is known as The Pines. And in a week or two, you will notice that there is an inch thick yellowish~green coating on everything. It's like gawd sneezed and we got slimed cuz doncha know, he's got the whole world in his hands? {I am sooOOOoooo going to hell. in a hand basket} Pollens are in the air a good four to six weeks before we actually see it. So that's why you are finding it extra challenging right now.

Most people say things like, "oh, thank~cod it's raining, that'll damper the pollens and help the allergies!" wrong. the same rain that leaves broken debris strewed across your lawn is the same rain that stirs up the pollens and sends them flying through the air. And have you seen the god~snot slick across puddles and such? it's like technocolored oil slicks!

{stop laughing, you know it's true}

Yes, I relate to the muckiness of land several days post~rain. Mississippi Mud is not just a dessert! {i had to google the spelling of that, cuz i get mixed up with deserts and desserts, no matter how many lil reminders i come up with...like desserts have an extra "s" for sweetening! or deserts are dry and have sucked that "s" away}."

*oh, and special thanks to sherwin~williams paint for the logo~lift. they have wonderful products and while i'm not sure the earth is to be covered in paint, this house mostly is! tho to be truthful, I think their Krud~Kutter is the best product they offer! I love this stuff! If possible, I'd launder all my clothes and shower in it. Except I'm thinking I'd like to keep my skin. However, it does a great job with heavy~duty accumulated~krud cleaning cuz it's the kkkkkrrrrrudddd~kutterrrrrrrrrr.


  1. FUNNEEE! I chuckled out loud! I am SOOOOO glad I don't suffer from pollen allergies.

  2. God-snot is a term I'll cherish forever. Thank you.


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