09 March 2010


I feel dirty.

But I'm happy, so that's good.

Good and dirty.

I have spent this afternoon in one of the spare rooms, unpacking all my books from out on the farm and arranging them on the custom~built cedar shelves I brought with me. Then I kept shuffling them around, cuz I kept finding stuff that I'd forgotten to leave room for on the shelves. I also went ahead and cleared up the office~supply stash that was in there and moved it all into our craftee~study and then set up my TV into the newly opened space on a shelf/drawer unit that Jerry had built years ago. I have to hook~up the TV, VHS player, etc. But that's for another day.

It's for sure not all the unpacking and cleaning, but it's a start. Some stuff, I'm not going to want to keep. I figure, if I've been living without using it for this past year, then how much do I really need it anyway?

It was like Christmas in a way. I unearthed my photo~album from when I was in high~school and college up in PA. And my Jerry came into the room, looked at a pic of me and said that I look about 14 in it. I was actually 23, graduating with my bachelor's.

I do have a few things to hang. One is a painting that was done for me, a still~life arrangement that the artist gave to me for posing for him. Then there are two pieces my grandfather did. One is of flowers, done in chalk, on a brown paper bag from the grocer's and the other is of butterflies and flowers done in colored pen.

And eventually, we need to hook~up the window AC unit. I'm sure that whichever guests stay in that room in the spring~summer~fall will appreciate that! But all in all, I did get a start on unpacking and clearing things up!

So yea for me!


  1. Hey! Hey! Hey! As far as you looking 14 - whaddaya expect? You so HOT! Love ya Baby!

  2. Yea!!! for you indeed. I know all too well what a big job this is. To tell you the truth, I still have a closet full of unpacked boxes of books, magazines, pictures, and memorabilia from our move from Delaware. And we've been here almost four years now.
    But you made it sound like kinda sorta a lot of fun. We had our Guernsey Lit. Soc. book club meeting last night, and I've posted about it at WomenOn. I'm loving this.

  3. Dirt returns no matter what we do. It's trying to send us a message. I think. I looked about ten years old in my senior picture from 1984. Which I still had whatever it is that removes eight years from my body...

  4. Good luck on getting it all unpacked, sorted and cleaned out. But Spring is just the right time to work on a project like that!


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