19 March 2010

i saw it on the radio

My mom came for a brief visit this week, arriving late Tuesday afternoon and leaving early this morning. That meant that we had two full days to visit with each other. So Wed, we went to Tupelo {a little over an hour away} and had a very good lunch and then went shoe shopping for mom. I'm waiting til after my appt with the orthopedic clinic in a couple weeks before I make any decisions about footwear. Both my mom and I hate shoe shopping. It's hard for me to find shoes that fit properly, as my instep/arch is very high and I don't sacrifice my health for fashion.

Mom hasn't been shoe shopping in quite some time. The major reason for that is because when she finds something that fits well, that's comfortable, and that she likes; then she buys a few extra pairs to keep in case she can't find them on the market when the pair she is wearing wears out. Well, she had found some clogs by Naturalizer a few years back that fit the bill and also were being discontinued. So she was able to buy six pairs from that region {the store's manager called around and had the extras sent in from the surrounding outlets}.

Eventually, the last of those extra pairs was contemplating running away from her rather than be slipped on to her dogs again and so mom thought it was time to buckle down and go shoe shopping. Fortunately, we were able to find acceptable replacements in fairly straight order and the whole venture was a pleasant day's outing.

We also stopped by Elvis Presley's birthplace in Tupelo. We didn't want to pay a rather inflated price for the short tour, so we walked about and read the plaques and saw some of the area that way. We were going to visit the Buffalo park, but that would have to wait for another day, as it was looking rather stormy and I didn't think the animals would be relaxed and wanting folks to be gawking at them.

Usually, when mom visits, we listen to a few audio~books while crafting or cleaning. Since we wanted this visit to not include any major chores and since the visit was going to be comparatively short, we opted not to even start listening to a book.

However, we did watch a few movies. One movie was Mel Brooks's "Silent Movie" with himself, Marty Feldman, and Dom DeLuise, Burt Reynolds, James Caan, Paul Newman, Liza Minnelli, Sid Ceasar, Bernadette Peters, Anne Bancroft, Marcel Marceau {the famous mime actually speaks the only word spoken in the entire movie}, and many others. It was released in 1976, decades since the era of Silent Films. So it was an oddity, to have a silent movie, that starred that many big~names and was that popular! But it was well worth a look~see and a read~thru if you have the chance to see if for yourself.

So I'd made the remark to mom that usually we listen to books, but this time we read a movie!

Thanks for a wonderful visit mom!


  1. Nice visit with Mom. I'm a shoe whore. Plain and simple, but high arches make it a tricky trick to get them right. I agree.

  2. It was nice. YerMa is always welcome in our home. Love ya Baby!

  3. Sounds like a nice vist...you won't regret spending time with her. I wish I'd taken my mom to a few more movies when I had the chance.


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