17 April 2011

This is my wonderful husband of a year and a half.  Click on the picture for an enlarged version so that you can fully see his awesomeness.  We just spent the last week in Wisconsin, which is why he is wearing a hat and hoodie with Green Bay Packers motif~~~that and it was his birthday a couple weeks back {56!}.

But at heart, he's an MSU fan, as you can see by his shoes.  In this case, MSU is our very own home team, Mississippi State University~~go dogs!

Our lil chiweenie, Sophie, is a wonderful traveling companion.  She's just six months old, and is just too damn cute.  She was so very good for the trip, traveling in the car, staying in the motel {Motel 6, pets stay free}, meeting and staying with our bestman and his wife and their pooch.

We're glad to be home.  Yesterday, when we left Wausau, Wisconsin, it was snowing/sleeting and driving in that slush was ... fun...not.  We are now unpacked, laundry is done, mail is sorted, bills are paid, etc.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in our bed, a nice wide bed.  sigh.

Does not my husband look smashingly wonderfully good?  And to think just ten months ago he had been involved in quite the nasty wreck that fractured his leg in a couple places, among other injuries.  Sigh, he's my fabulous man.  allllllllllllllllll mine.  sigh.


  1. Welcome back. I didn't know Motel 6 let pets stay free -- I need to remember that.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your stay here in Wisconsin!


  3. Deb, ya did a good thing here.

  4. Gad Woman! I'm gonna get such a big head that I'll overbalance and fall off and crack my skull. Love ya Baby!


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