29 April 2011


Usually, I spread out afghans on the my bed from when I lived on the farm, before I got married.  We have it set up in a spare bedroom, along with my bookshelves and the vanity my grandfather made me when I was a child.  But right now, it's covered in material and patterns for the totes.  So I spread out the afghan that I've made for my husband's middle child/daughter, who just turned thirty last Sunday.  What you see here is actually the back side of the afghan.  I used Red Heart brand, acrylic, cornmeal, carrot, light sage, and claret.  I was not planning to use the claret, but I couldn't find more light sage and I didn't think I had enough.  Turns out I probably did~~but I'd already used the claret.  That's fine, cuz I'm also sending her some claret items, in addition to the rest of the items which are Peaches and Cream cotton, variegated green/yellow/orange that perfectly matches the Red Heart yarn used.  I may take a pic of all of the items together, but right now, they are in the room that my husband's youngest grandson {he's two!} is sleeping in and I don't want to disturb him.

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