22 April 2011

gooooooooooooooood day!

This morning, when I got up, I had a headache.  I've had a pretty much constant headache now for about ten days.  I've taken stuff for it, but I'm thinking that part of it is the barometric pressure changes are killer right now.

My friend with whom I've been trying to get together since...awhile now, called and we did lunch at Waffle House.  Not the best Waffle House experience either of us have ever had.  Just snippity and snarky employees who were very sullen and even allowing for how much their lives may suck, it didn't justify their suckededness.

However, it was great to see her for a few and her babies are growing so fast!  Her oldest is such a cutie and she was showing me her boo~boo on her knee.  I asked what it was from, she said, "rocks".  Good answer.

The youngest is almost a year and she is such a plump lil thing, chubby in all the right baby ways.  I thought of Sunny, from Lemony Snicket's.  Now tho, I'm thinking of the dimpled Cabbage Patch Kids that were all the rage back in the eighties.

When I came home, my husband had finished putting the second coat on my walking~staff.  It's so beautiful, and when it is done, I'll probably take numerous pix cuz the detail of nature is amazing.  It's so humid out there, that it feels like it ought to rain some more.

Also, my husband, who is off today, helped me do up my sewing patterns for my totes/purses.  We did four pattern~packets.  We used the heavy brown paper that I'd mentioned before, and I gave him the measurements, they were all rectangular pieces with no extra curves or slants or what not.  That took most of this afternoon, cuz there were several pieces per pattern.  But now they are labeled, color~coded, each zipped in their own gallon~bag...so I feel very good about getting that outta the way for the weekend.

Hope you have a great one!


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