02 April 2011

more "project~to~be"s

 In the last entry, I'd said that I'm partial to vines and leaves and autumnal colors.  Here are some of the combinations that I especially like.  My favorite color is green, particularly darker shades.  In this top picture, I have some darker green fabrics.  One is reminiscent of ferns.  One is a plush pattern with dark dark green and an even darker green.  The other is a wonderful weight, tightly woven.

If you want to view any of these fabrics in more detail, simply click on the picture.  It will show the patterns featured in the picture.  You can also get a feel for the type of fabric, the print, the weave, and the weight.

Pictured here is one of the top two favorites I have in this batch.  I love, Love, LOVE  this leafy print!  I hope to make a case to carry my laptop, both fabrics are heavy~weight and I'll reinforce the layers with plastic canvas inserts between the layers and lining.

This fabric is more on the bluish side than strictly green.  I really like this combination.  This features the other of the two favorite fabrics in the batch.

I especially love that there are several different types of leaves in this print.  Oh!  And see how nicely it matches the paint {"peppermint tea"} my husband and I have chosen for our home to be finished in?  *winks*

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