02 April 2011

bedful of projects

Here is my current project~cue.  A few of these are crochet, most of the future ones are sewing totes to hold crochet projects that are being worked on at that time.  Some of the stuff in the foreground is part of the package including the flowery afghan pictured in a few of the other previous entries.  The little round things with frosty white are actually scrubbies, good for dishes, non~stick pots/pans, sinks/tubs, etc.  They're made using the smallest round loom, acrylic red~heart yarn, and netting.  The stacks of hexagons are to be incorporated in the flowery afghan.  There is also a wine bottle sleeve {or it could be used to carry a water bottle, which is what this dudette always is toting} and there are several hot~pads, done in cotton.  The colors of the cotton pads are the same as the colors in the afghan, as well as the claret scrubbies and end rows for the afghan.

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