01 September 2011

stumble upon

This past week has been a bit odd for me and I'm exhausted.  But I didn't want to go to bed too early, as I knew that waking in the middle of the night wide eyed would not leave me feeling refreshed.  So I'm listening to my audio~book while my husband is watching MSU at Memphis {pht~ballZ}.  Since I'm sitting at the computer, I thought I'd stumble upon a few sites and see what's what.  Usually there are a plethora of cute pix that others have marked to share with others.  Rarely do I find something that I want to go, "hey! check this out!"

But I did just now.  Kelly Harman's blog, Did I Say That Out Loud? cracked me up.  The first entry I read was posted yesterday, entitled "Why 6th Grade Boys are Evil".  She relates an incident that results in her going to work to meet with her boss, a former litigator, dressed in nylons and a trenchcoat, forgetting to pick up her power~suit from the cleaners.  I actually did snicker while reading this.

If you need a few light~hearted snippets to make you smile, you might want to give this blog a read!  Check it!


  1. I don't do the Stumble thing, but I've just recently started 'Pin It'.

  2. Even though you told me about it - I read it - Its still funny!


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