22 September 2011

Dear Zenni~Optical

{This is an eMail I sent to the Zenni~Optical folks earlier this evening.  Cuz I like their products, but am not thrilled with this particular situation.  However, the glasses/frames that others I know have from Zenni are holding up just fine; indeed my other pair are as well.}

Hello!  Earlier this year, I ordered two pair of glasses from you {order#zippittee~dooh~DAH}.  I have enjoyed them immensely and receive many compliments.  I'm like a representative for your company, referring to your website and bragging on you.

Well, guess what happened?  No, don't guess!  We'll be playing eMail tag forever.  Instead, I'll just tell ya.

Earlier this evening, I was cleaning my glasses {the regular ones, not the shades} and the arm snapped right off.  The bottom plastic corner piece that holds the screw that attaches the arm to the front part {eye pieces} sorta disintegrated.  Because that part was in crumbly plastic bits, I can't really fix it.  I don't have anything to hold the screw in the bottom; I mean the screw would go thru the top loop, down thru the arm, but the bottom piece with the hole for the screw is missing~~just a lone jagged piece survives.

So uhm, frame#zippittee~dooh~DAH {a sort of caramel color that matches my hair, at least this month it does, next month, I'm thinking pumpkin orange would be suitable, don't you agree?  yes!  I thought you would!} isn't wanting to stay on my face any longer.  Oh, bother.  {sigh}.

What might you suggest?  Can I send the broken frames in for repair?  Can you salvage the lenses?  Do I need to just chalk this up to an extremely short~lived pair of specs?  I know my prescription is the same, as I just had my eyes examined earlier this year and since I keep my old prescriptions on file, I know that over the years, my Rx hasn't changed that much since I began wearing glasses at the age of nine {I'm forty}.  At any rate, I've never had a pair of glasses leave my face so soon.  It's heart~rending, it is.

I will wear my lovely rose~shades with the rose~tinted lenses tomorrow and perhaps for awhile til I get plain untinted lenses in reliable frames, cuz dude/tte{s}, I must wear glasses.  Otherwise, I'm like Mr Magoo, and driving would be an adventure.  Especially for my passengers.

You're lovely folks, you are.  And tomorrow, I will attempt to view your site when I am more awake and able to make decisions.  In the meantime, please advise me.  And let me know, why, oh why did this pair die?  Do have a wonderful Thursday.  Thanks so very much for your consideration, Debra


  1. If only you could have inserted a jpeg of a skull and crossbones!

  2. Since you copied an email - I'm copying the reply I sent you yesterday "Oh Sweetie! They should give you glasses for life - just for the entertainment value of this letter. I love you so much!!!


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