24 September 2011

Crafting at the Cafe

This morning, I went to the BookMart DownTown here is Starkville to meet up with a few crafters.  I finished one knitting project, started another, and began to plan what other projects I want to work on in the near future.  I had told fellow fiber freaks that I would stay til 2p; however, the screaming, demanding, whining toddlers did me in and so I packed it in early and left at a quarter past one.  Why people feel compelled to dress their tots in cute lil university outfits and then drag them cranky to a football game, with packed crowded and rowdy stadiums, when the kid is gonna be out of sorts...is beyond me.

That's like popping your kid into a stroller and spending hours at the local fair.  The kid's eye~level is at the same level as your thighs, so for hours, that kid is lost in a sea of ass.  Bobbling fat asses encased in tight denim, releasing fumes from fair food.  Oh how glorious that child's life must be, as they ride rough~shod over bumpy gravel, strapped into a sticky torture chamber.  Poor thing.

People, you may think that it's so very awesome that you take your tykes to each and every game, cuz you are a diehard fan.  But your child is not gonna remember having spent game~time as a several days, months, or even years old.  I'm thinking most kids are not going to remember even as a small child of three or four, sitting with you at the game, let alone what the hell is happening on the field.  Now, if your kid is thoroughly enjoying the game experience, great!  Chances are tho, that if you kid is needing a nap, not great with change or strangers, teething, or having just recently acquired crazy~mad skilZ like crawling, walking, or running; then they are not enjoying the confinement of your lap with lots of confusing smells, sounds, and weirdos jostling them about.  So if they won't remember what a swell time it was, and they aren't having fun at the present time; then why are you dragging them thru this and making everyone else miserable too?  WHY?

One couple that was at the BookMart with a sobbing toddler in tow was the deal~breaker and that's when I left.  The kid kept screaming, "why??  oh, why??  why are we here???  why are we here, DAD????"  It would have been humorous, were it not so annoying.  Also, I was tempted to start screaming, "why??  oh, why??  why are you here??  why are you here, DAD??" right along with the kid.  And parents tolerate that crap from their own adorable {not} offspring, but not from adults who hopefully would know better.

I'd hope the parents would know better, too.

Hope springs eternal.

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