28 August 2011

scarf it up

Dude!  Here it is, the end of August and I have yet to reconcile that it still isn't May.  How did this happen?  I know that time seems to fly by faster, the older I get.  But this summer seems to have been a long day of sizzling heat, not more than a week long at the most.  And here it is, almost September already.

What have I done this year?  I honestly cannot think of any one thing, but when I do ponder, I can come up with a bunch of lil things.  But this year wasn't dedicated to any one thing, except maybe developing more of my knowledge of fiber~arts.  The anatomy of stitches fascinates me.  In the spring, I crocheted hats and scarves for various charities.  Moving into summer, I began to work on lapghans for the vets at the VA hospital in Jackson, MS.

Then I took a break from that to pick up knitting needles and pick at some yarn, holding it exactly as I would crochet.  I learned more about how loops interconnect and what sort of fabric that yields.  Scarves make wonderful swatches to teach myself, by experimenting with this method and then that; and what happens then when I combine this with that?  Those scarves will go to the kids over at Palmer Home in Columbus, the next county to the east.

Now, I'm ready to pick up crochet hooks again, finishing a few more lapghans.  And when I need to take a break from that project, more scarves are needed as there are between eighty and a hundred kids at Palmer.  There are also kids over at Sally Kate Winters in West Point, MS.  And scarves are needed for the Special Olympians in 2012.

And I have not even begun to think of holiday stuff yet.  And here it is September.  Already.


  1. Even though it was a lousy, deadly Summer -- I kind of hate to see 'September' on the calendar. It's like the fun is over.

  2. I don't remember every project - but I know you done a lot! You seem to be always busy! You "crafty" person you!

  3. Sept. is already almost half over. I can't believe it either! I've got so much crocheting on my list of to-do's that I'm in disbelief as well. Hang in there girl...we'll both be fretting together over all the things we want to get done this year and there's not that much of the year left. :)


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