25 September 2011

Another project, finished!

This is a shot of the newly painted master bedroom, tah~DAH!!!  My mom, she's the absolute best, in so many ways.  Thanks for the lovely wedding present.

Jerry hang the new blinds and the chocolate brown curtains this evening, in both the bedroom and the bathroom.  Yea!!  The color of the paint is peppermint tea, from WalMart.  It's a light, frothy, frosty, pale green that is so soothing and refreshing.

On one of the bedposts is an assortment of hats that I'd made my husband a few years back.  The black and gold is for our local high~school yellow jackets.  The maroon and white is for MSU {go dogs!}.  There is a blue watch cap that he calls his skittles cap.  And the silver and black is for the raiders {his team from way back}.

Mom also painted the master bath for us, too.  In the magazine rack are several editions of Crochet Today!  The floor is not finished, eventually, it will have tile~~there's no rush.


  1. My school colors were black and gold too. We were The Railers. Lame.


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