23 June 2010

quick update

My Jerry's surgery on Monday morning on his knee/shin went well and the doctor feels good about things. We stayed at the hospital til today, to give him some time with the physical therapist and stuff like that. This afternoon, we came home and after we got him settled in the bed in front of the tv and the air~conditioner, I ran to walmart and picked up some food, drugs, and other essentials. He's getting some sleep now, and I think I'll call it an early night too.

He can bend the knee to about 45 degrees. He needs to flatten it more, straighten it out. Also, for the time, he's to use a wheeled~walker; cuz the crutches are not too stable at this point for him. We go back to see the orthopedic surgeon in two weeks.

Next up: neuro~surgeon this coming Monday.

Thanks for everyone's help and thoughts, we do so appreciate all of you!

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  1. Holy crap! This has turned into an adventure neither of you wanted to embark on! Keep strong. Thinkin' of ya both.


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