06 June 2010

My Jerry's gifts

While I was making Ferah and Grant their wedding afghan, My Jerry kept saying how much he loved the colors. So with most of the yarn that was left, I just finished this for him yesterday. I figured it will be a good afghan to cover with while watching TV for him.

While in Georgia, at MoonDance, My Jerry bought this lil drum. His young grand~daughter was over the other night and loved bopping it for a good deal of the time she was here. I was glad that My Jerry hadn't finished the maple~stick he is shaping, sanding, and coating for the drum~~~it brings forth a sharper sound that totally eclipses the dull gentle thud a hand makes.

Also, our edition of the second season of TrueBlood came in this week. We spent Friday evening and most of Saturday watching the first season to refresh our memories. Then we started viewing the second season yesterday and watched some this morning before he left to go to work today. Oh so good, soooooooooOOOOooooo good.

Since My Jerry was gonna have to work today, because his student~workers don't start til tomorrow; he took Friday off, and mowed most of the day, showered, and we settled in to watch TrueBlood, season one. He mentioned that he'd almost wanna get HBO just so we could see the current episodes. But then, we decided not to do that, cuz we kinda like just watching it all at once and not losing any of the details and such. We both read the books as they come out, but that's cuz we're both too impatient to wait!

I'm rereading the Earth's Children series by Jean Auel. The first book is called: Clan of the Cave Bear. My Jerry has the cheezee movie attempt. He asked if I wanted to watch it, and I told him that it's not even close to the book. I mean, you always hear the book is so much better. But I think that doesn't suffice.

It's like if you made a fifteen minute montage of forty years of Dr. Who. It's so inadequate. It hits some points, but cannot convey all the finer nuances that makes the series such a joy to delve into!

{dudes, i just realized that i almost typed "nuisances" instead of "nuances"; whoohpses!}


  1. Its so cool! Thank ya baby! And I noticed the one pic actually showed one of the True Blood discs.

  2. The new season of True Blood starts this week I think. Or next. I'm very hyped about it!!!


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