28 June 2010

another step forward

Well, today we loaded up and went to Tupelo to see the neuro~dude. He removed the neck/chin brace thingee and omg, whatta relief! For My Jerry too! {snicker} He's really been loathing that there thing and has been looking forward to getting it off.

They took some x~rays, right before we left, to make sure that his neck is okey dokey and not in need of the brace. The doc said that he'd call us if we need to put the brace back on. When we got home, I cleaned it up and added it to our growing pile of medical implements from this here incident.


As far as the neuro~dude goes, we will return in six weeks. Jerry will have a ct~scan of his brain, to see if the pea sized area where the grey and white matter collided and pinched a blood vessel is better. It's this area that is causing problems with his cognition and memory functions. We're hopeful tho, cuz in general, post~concussive trauma tends to last about four to six weeks. So we might be right on schedule with all that!

Next up, returning to see the ortho~dude and getting the staples taken out of Jerry's leg. That will be in about ten days. After that, Jerry can probably begin to place weight on his leg and actually use it when walking.

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  1. Thanks for the update and the email -- this sounds like a real test of patience (patients) and unwavering hopefulness. Hope the good news keeps coming.


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