27 June 2010

the past's idea of the future

I think it's funny when I see how shows that were made in one time period portray another time period. From the Waltons, the 70s version of the 30s, to countless sci~fi shows from the mid~20th century that forecast their version of what the future may be like; you're bound to get some giggles. Or rather I am.

Currently My Jerry is watching "UFO", a show made in 1970 {aired '70~'73} which had about 25 episodes, supposedly set in 1980. The music and outfits and cars and such definitely have the funky influence of the 60s. In fact, you might say that the show is drenched in the psychedelic 60s.

Funnily enough, they got one thing right, I used to have the owl~like hair cut the purple lady is sporting. In the 80s.



  1. "In Search of..." was a must-watch for me back then.

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