08 December 2009

you got questions? i got answers. {the two may be unrelated}

dudes! well here's a few answers to a few questions that folks have been asking...in no particular order.

i've not yet gotten my thank~you notes out and yes, the wedding was about six weeks back so i have no excuse other than my big fat lazy ass hasn't sat down long enough to actually write them and assemble them and post them. that's my plan for the rest of the week. maybe. sigh.

cheater~cookies...i made the name up. i just said, "these are what i call cheater~cookies" cuz they're not made from scratch like so many of the other things i do. use the sixteen ounce {small} container of sour cream per box of dry cake mix. the batter will be moist, do smaller {teaspoon drop} cookies, set at a lower than usual temp {maybe 300~ish} for a longer period {15+ minutes}. the reason is cuz you want the cookie to dry out, without burning the bottom. no greased/floured sheets. trust me on this. do one sheet, then tinker with the temp/size of cookie/time til you find what works for you. and then write it down so you can refer to it later when you decide to do them again. by the way, my mom calls these Big Fat Cookies {cuz when i was a lil kid i used to bake something similar, we cannot find the original recipe for those tho, so that's part of the reason i go with "cheater~cookies" as a name. works for me!}.

and yes, i did bake some for the folks on the coast while i was there. we were thru with one ceremony, but had time before we were going to leave for dinner, so i baked an incredibly rich batch of chocolate chip cookies. cuz i'm the devil and we all know there is a special place in hell reserved for my "eat these calorie~ladened cookies, NOW" sillee self. *winks*

and yes, later that night, i baked a batch of bread. even scaling back on the batch, i still ended up with six rolls, five loaves, and two smaller baby loaves meant for one person's consumption. this batch was not a crusty bread but instead more on the soft, tender side of Parker Rolls {traditional yeast rolls that most folks in the south eat with their sunday dinners}.

and 54.

i think that answers most of the questions that have come my way recently.

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