17 December 2009

Weeeeeee Read!

Emerson Family Fun Night was tonight and we celebrated the Wee Read program with door~prizes, hola~hoops, singing, reading, story~time, cookies and drinks, face~painting, and pictures with SANTA!!!!

There were so many funny lil stories that I cannot share them all here. First tho, it was funny when we were driving down because I'd toot the horn and the car next to me would be glaring and I'd point to Jerry sporting his Santa look and then the adults would get all excited and smiling and waving and push their hands up against the windows and act like lil kids. So fun!

After we pulled into park, some of the kids were still in class~rooms and they would run to the windows and one asked why Santa was in a car? The teacher thought fast and said that the reindeer need to save their strength for the big night next week.

The pictures were fun! Most kids just loved it, lit up, ran over to him and climbed up on his lap right away, and some chatted away for the longest time. There was one lil girl who replied "YOU" with a pointed finger into Santa's beard when he asked what she wanted for Christmas.

And some kids came back later in the event to present him with a custom card they had just made. The first one was lil Gina, who quietly whispered into Santa's ear that she just loves him and then she grinned up at him and there were cell~phones and all sorta cams pointed their way right then! And then there was the lil boy who shunned sitting in Santa's lap cuz he is way too old and sooOOooo over the whole Santa thing, only to run up and hug him numerous times as we were leaving.

All in all, great fun!

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