19 December 2009

Bab's dog, he poops.

This afternoon, Jerry's eldest daughter and her family came over to exchange presents because none of us are going to be here over Christmas. The kids tore into their mountain of wrapped stuff and of all the toys, the one that preoccupied us all the most was Barbie and her pooping dog, Tanner. Jerry swears he didn't realize the dog pooped, but I tell ya, that was the entire theme of this particular Barbie set up.

So there we were, four adults and two kids, fascinated with the pooping dog. There is so much to say, where to start? The poop is magnetic, so when it's not being played with, it can hang out on the fridge.

It comes with a pooper~scooper. Barbie scoops up the poop, deposits it into the trash~can. The back part of the trash~can is actually a detachable treat~box. So then you can sprinkle a few treats into Tanner's food~bowl. Feed Tanner. Let him/her poop. And then start the whole deliciously delightful process all over again!

Cuz the poop truly comes first.

I'm not exactly sure how you get the dog to eat, but I did see it has hinged jaws and I think you either open its mouth with your finger and force~feed it. Or its ears wriggle and I think when you stroke its ears, the mouth opens. Either way, it seems pretty accurate, cuz dude, when I've tried to give my dog a lil pellet of sorts, it requires my pushing the pill half~way down her throat and then holding her mouth shut til she swallows.

But I do know how to get Barbie's dog to poop. And that's the fun part anyway. You push its tail down and when it pops up, the poop falls out its butt.

Then ya do it all over again!

How fun is that?!?

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