19 December 2009

Santa's Ride

There's been so much going on lately that I'm requiring more rest than usual. And last night I said more than a few choice words, repeatedly, because imma ijit and as I was collecting my nightly meds, the top of one bottle went one way, the bottle fell outta my jittery hand and a goodly portion on my Zoloft went down the drain. See, in my old place, I kept my meds in a cabinet in the kitchen and here I keep them in the hah~UGE medicine cabinet in the master bathroom, which has his/her sinks and so when the bottle goes oohpsee outta my hand, the pills roll down the damp sink surface. Since this does not usually happen to me, I haven't taken precautions like opening the bottles over a towel. So now, I'm a lil low on three months worth of Zoloft. Grrrrrrrreat. sigh. It couldn't be one of my PRN for anxiety drugs, now, could it? Those I have extra, but nnnnnnnoooOOOooooo. sigh. So I gotta go on Base after we get back from Arkansas and explain that imma ijit and show them the remaining de~coated pills {the damp sink took that outta shell right off them there pretty blue pills}. Maybe they will be able to help me, or not. I'm just not so sure at this point, but I do have enough for another lil bit anyway, at least to get thru the holidays.


So Jerry got up this morning and donned his Santa Suit! {cuz that's how I now think of it, with caps and an exc!a!mat!on po!nt!} and strapped on his half~helmet and mounted his bike and rode into town, while I buried my head under the comfy covers and snuggled down for a bit of an extension on my long~winter's~nap. Jerry stopped at WalMart and gassed up. Rode thru town twice, did the campus, and in general, just tootled about. Most folks loved it! Lots of parents pointing him out to their kids, lots of camera~phones and folks calling out to him.

One truck pulled up in next to him at a light, and three flannel~bound hunters were in the cab, looking kinda rough from the fight with the deer this morning in the field. One indicated the antlered buck in the bed and hollered, "one less for your sleigh, santa!" Jerry assured them that was alright, he'd have the understudy stand in. Jerry didn't bother explaining that his reindeer are female, as they have better racks than the guys do.

There was one lil boy that just grabbed Jerry's heart and yanked it right outta his chest. He was a lil boy who beamed at Santa and just grinned and grinned and grinned and had all sortsa love for Santa. So Jerry talked with him for a few minutes and then he asked, "have you been a good boy?" Oh yes, the boy assured him with hah~UGE nods. "What would you like for Christmas?" and the boy ducked his head, and very softly said, "big daddy."

The lil boy's mother misted up a lil and she said that his grandfather was big daddy. Jerry told her that is what he called his grandfather too. And she said that he died last month. Jerry hugged the lil boy and then he told the lil boy that there are some things that there are some things that even Santa cannot do much about, but that he {Jerry} had a Big Daddy too and he misses him still. And that that's ok.

While Jerry was telling me about this, his own eyes misted and my throat clogged and I thought that that is just one more reason that I love him so. Jerry always knows just what to say in situations like that. He speaks from the heart, and shares just a bit of himself. It makes others feel so much better.

Jerry said that when his extremities were numb, he came on home. By then I was up, but I'd not run out with the camera in enough time to catch Santa on his ride. So you can take a look at an older pic that's been in the journal before.

The Santa Suit! is put up for another year!

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