09 December 2009

tids and bits

Last night, my Jerry and I went to his mother's assisted living home for their Christmas party. There are just under thirty residents and a nice staff that truly cares for them. In addition, there were many friends and family that joined in the celebration. All told, there were two rather large sized rooms filled with folks for the dinner, and afterward, there were four gentlemen from First Baptist who performed vocal treats for us all, including a request from a small child for Rudolf. We all joined in on a few tunes, and it was great fun. My ass was sore from the metal chair by the end of the evening and I noticed that quite a few residents retired to their rooms after dinner, but there was still a packed room of about fifty for the vocalists.

When my Jerry and I got home, we were more than ready to get settled in. And we watched "So ya think ya can dance", a show that I had been watching on a regular basis tho I missed last season and this one to last week. Next week is the finale and tonight we get to see who makes this week's cut and is going on to compete next week.

Today it got up to the low sixties but tonight it's supposed to get down to the low twenties. So all ya'll bundle up, get snuggly with your honey, and have a good night!

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