12 February 2007

where oh where...

Until now, I've been posting pretty much the same entries across several formats (AIM journal, MySpace, and Blogger/Blogspot).  But, I think I will post certain sorts of things in one or the other, instead of all three.  So, this is a heads up to let you know that you might want to check myspace and/or blogger for different entries of mine.  I realize that some will not choose to access the other locations, and that is fine.  I also know that many do not have myspace accnts and cannot access my posts there, that's ok too.  If there is anything that I feel is very terribly important, I will most likely post it in all three.  In my repeated experience, blogger tends to load oh-so-much faster and give me oh-so-many fewer problems than AIM.  No surprise there.

From time to time, I will post reminders, just to let you know where and what I have posted.  I think it will help to foster more creativity on my part.  If it is too confusing or too much trouble on your part, that's okey, it's not like you have to visit any of em.  But, I'd appreciate it if you would!


  1. Where, oh  where, has my li'l skink gone?
    Oh, where, oh where can it be?
    With its pointy snout and its tail so long,
    oh bring back my skinkee to meeeeeeeeeeee!

    The Old Folks at Home

  2. send me your Myspace URL ...I need some more friends!


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