10 February 2007

In my life I'll love you more...

It's no secret to those who know me well that I don't think much favorably about the whole frantic activity with which we contemporarily associate Valentine's Day.  Briefly, I think it is rather pathetic that there are people who need to have a special day to remind them to be sweet to the ones they profess to love.  I suppose if Valentine's Day does serve as a time to reflect upon our own behaviour and attitudes toward the ones we love, then it may be a very good thing indeed.

Endeavor to love the ones you hold dear, every day, in all ways.  Show your appreciation, with acts of sincerity that need no obligatory Hallmark Holiday.  Startle them with a caring touch, a quick hug, a warm smile.  Enjoy the moments of peace you share, with your truly loved one.

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  1. Nicely put.

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