10 February 2007


Paper Portitude is a recent stumbleupon.  There is quite a selection of classics linked there.  The short story is my current love of the literature world.
"Nevermind the musty smell; it's merely the scent of dusty books, waiting to be opened and read.

Presented to you here - in our humble library - are the classics. From the Grimm fairy tales, to the poems of Robert Frost, there's enough on our shelves to keep you occupied for long time.

You've been reading since you were a child, so this should be easy. Just pick an author, or a genre, and get started."

I've been reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmesian shorts.  This week, the volume is due back at the library.  In just a few moments, I plan to begin Paper Portitude's host of O Henry's "After Twenty Years".  I won't have to worry about returning that to the library, now will I?

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