28 July 2015

Whiny cry~baby and stabby ice~picks

I have a whole new appreciation for cranky babies with ear infections.  And for the parents who try valiantly to soothe them.  Most ear infections I've had itch, a few drops relieve that and within a day or two, amoxicillian is doing its job and I'm a much happier camper.

But, this current infection is painful.  Yesterday, I felt the pressure mounting in my ear, but no itch.  This morning, when I woke, the pressure in my ear was so great that my hearing's diminished from the ear drum being too taunt to receive sound waves that cause healthy membranes to vibrate.

I cannot close my jaw on my right side, too swollen and tender.  So after my appt in Tupelo this morning, when we returned to Starkville, I asked Jerry to take me to the afterhours clinic.

The pressure had built so much so that it was becoming painful.  The right side of my face was feeling a tad warm.  The tale~tail itch of infection was beginning to make my throat sore.

I talked with the practitioner a bit about exactly what is happening and why.  I pointed out that my right ear has had frequent infections over the past year, with last month's strep throat being the most recent flair up of pressure in my right ear.  The treatment today is the same as the treatment last month.

I'm fantasizing about long slender ice picks piercing my eardrum and providing some much needed relief of pressure.  I know that isn't the answer, but there is a slim chance that it might be.  Right?

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