03 August 2015

Ears what's happenin'

It is unfrickinbelievable how a tiny feature can do so much for the whole.  Take for example the Eustachian Tube.  It's that canal that funnels the moisture away from your inner ear, behind your eardrum, extending behind your jaw hinge, and emptying into your throat.  It regulated and equalizes the air pressure so that your eardrum can vibrate and you can hear the things you do.  That's a pretty big damn deal.  If something goes wrong with the Eustachian Tube, like it gets clogged up and can't drain effectively, you might not be able to hear as well; you might get really dizzy because the air pressure has changed.  You might even say that your sense of equilibrium is impacted.  nodding solemnly. 'tis true.

So just how big is that Eustachian Tube?  Well in an average full grown adult, that very important yet simple devise {it's a TUBE} is shorter than the word "eustachion".  The tube itself is about an inch and a half long.


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