23 July 2015

Dum Dums, childhood in a sweet marble of flavor

When I was a child, the banks handed out lollipops in the drive~thru for the children in the car.  Sometimes those were the flat ones in clear cellophane; but usually, they were Dum~Dums.

Dum dums are lil round pops that are just the right size for a child.  Or even an adult who wants a marble sized zap of sugar and flavor.

Root beer was my favorite, altho butterscotch ran a close second.  I think those are two of the oldest flavors, tho there were other original flavors that have also stood the test of time.

I don't remember ever buying a dum~dum.  I never turned in the wrappers for rebates.  But I always inspect the waxed paper, flattening it, as tho this time, I might save it.

Dum dums have been around over sixty years.  Lots of kids have eaten these treats over years and I suspect that a few adults have had more than their fair share too!

I think next time I'm at the bank, I'll ask for one.

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