13 July 2015

Family doings

My husband's mother turned eighty in March and my husband turned sixty in April; so we'd told all five adult children to save their pennies to get home to Mississippi sometime in 2015 for the Summer Shindig.  We weren't sure when we were going to do it, til a few months ago, earlier this spring; we decided July sounds fine.

Now that Jerry's retired from MSU, it worked nicely to include that as another reason for celebrating.  So we called upon Jerry's youngest son's in~laws and their pig roasting abilities to make this fun food festivity even more fun and festive.  Then, we decided that one pig wouldn't do; nope!  We went the route of two.

PawPaw and Savvy sharing cool treats on a hot day, July 2015
Next thing you know, we were asking these people, those people, this person over here, that person over there, and that person was asking this person and before you know it, we had quite the guest list, potential guests, and gee~we~sure~wish~we~could~buts.  So we'd nailed down a date, but not really a time, because who knows when pigs are done roasting?  The pig roaster, that's who.  And we had to wait til the pig roaster could eye the pigs, and that wasn't going to happen until Thursday, with Saturday being the event.

Til we decided that, yes, we'd still do that...but, let's roast the wild boar on Friday because there was way more than enough people already here already {and by "here", I mean the house, yes, but also in town, because our house only has so many rooms, and so many rooms do fill up when there are five adult kids, and their families, and the other folks and so forth and so on, ya see?}.  So we roasted one pig Friday and one Saturday, and by "we" I mean "not me" {thank you, oh so much, Jesus, Chris, Jerry Wayne, and Jerry}.  Janet and Jennifer cooked black beans and yellow rice.  And I made gallons of sweetened teas {ginger~lemon, apple cinnamon, watermelon, and chai} and veggie salad that makes everyone who tries it goes "soooooo good".  Jerry roasted corn on the cob and sliced up watermelon.

So feasting went on for a couple days.  When Sunday rolled around, most everyone packed up and left, and we took stock.  We all had a blast and am glad that folks came out and enjoyed themselves.  We have a lil of this and a lil of that in the fridge, some black beans in the freezer, but most of the food got eaten, which is good, because that's the purpose of the food.

We have a few more stories, a few good pictures, and a toddler's onesie with pink stars on a white background.  Mostly tho, we've good memories and good friends.  Thanks for helping to make this a great Summer Shindig.


  1. You did a great job overseeing the entire event and keeping me focused on the tasks/people on hand. It was great seeing all my kids, their families, and lots of friends, but it makes me treasure, even more, the you and me time! A great deal can be said for peace, quiet, and adoring little doggies!

  2. Great post, and such a lovely photo! :)


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