17 November 2011

She did what?

Unrelated to the welcome leaf that my husband hung next to the front door, as seen to the left, is how Jerry and I can crack each other up.

So yesterday was my birthday {41, is that even possible?  I'm sure that my folks were just that old not so very long ago...} and it was also the last meeting of Cafe Scientifique for the semester.  They usually meet on Tuesdays, which means that last year, they met on my birthday.  This year, this month's meeting was moved to a Wednesday, which meant that it was also on my birthday.  Perhaps next year, they will move the meeting to Friday, so that it is on my birthday {I think next year is a leap year, so we're skipping my birthday being on Thursday this time around}.  Is it possible for me to say "my birthday" once again?

My birthday.

Yes, it is possible.

So yesterday, my husband and I met at Harvey's for dinner before the meeting and then stayed for the presentation.  I learned something about Mississippi and our water that I didn't know; the water in Mississippi is owned by the citizens of Mississippi and not by the individuals who own the land that water is found on.  Wow.

But that's not what cracked my husband and I up.  No.  It was this:  I said to him, "earlier today, I surprised myself..." and then he laughed.  I reviewed what I said and what I did and waited for him to tell me what he found funny, with a preparatory half~smile starting on my own face.  He snickered and then said, "I'm sorry, but I pictured you leaping out in front of a mirror, arms spread, yelling "surprise" at yourself."

I snickered too, cuz not only could I picture the scene, but also cuz if you saw yesterday's post, you'll see that I did take a pic of myself in front of a mirror.  I got so tickled by the image of me surprising myself by leaping around and yelling "surprise" that I forgot what I had started to relate about surprising myself.

It still hasn't come back to me.  I must not have been all that surprised after all.

Oh!  And one more time..."my birthday".

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