18 November 2011


My husband is so very sweet ta me.  This summer, I taught myself to knit {being a long time crocheter, I heard a fair share of "you're doing it wrong" from traditional knitters who throw their yarn, whereas I'm a picker}.  My husband decided that he would treat me to a knitting retreat, a knittreat if you will.  So he picked this one, sponsored by the Pittsburgh Knitters and Crocheters, held at the Bedford Springs Hotel, Resort, and Spa.  We decided to combine it with a bit of a trip to my old stomping grounds and also a visit to my childhood friend who came down for our wedding two years ago.

Since this was a combination anniversary, birthday, and christmas present, my husband really went all out.  The trip was wonderful, some of it has been documented here in this blog.  The Bedford Springs Hotel was definitely a resort.  As you can see from the top picture, it is HAH~yuge!  And posh.

We were met by valets and bellhops.  We had turn down service, where they come in and fill your ice bucket and plump your pillows and make sure you have all the towels you could want.  They practically hold heated robes for you to don straight out of the shower, well, okey, they don't go that far.  We had a morning service, where they brought fresh coffee and tea, with honey, cream, and lemon, as well as the morning paper.

The food was phenomenal.  I almost expected them to pull out my chair, spread out my napkin on my lap, and tuck one under my chin.  They didn't, but I think if I'd've asked, they would've.  Very accommodating.

Very posh.  I felt like the Mississippi rube I am.

Oh, and the knittreat was cool, too.  But I was almost impressed more so with the hotel.  Obviously.

My husband, that man, he sure is sweet ta me.  sigh.


  1. Did you see any ghosts there? It sure looks haunted.

  2. How very cool and very romantic and thoughtful of him. :)


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