18 November 2011


A few months back, my husband and I bought this wine rack; but didn't hang it cuz we were gonna wait til the luan was moved.  Then we decided last week that the luan wasn't really in the way and we could go ahead and put the rack in place.  Besides, we had some wine from our trip north that we wanted to put somewhere, in the proper position {which is so that the cork stays wet, upright won't do}.  The wine in the center, in the blue bottle is Shade Mountain Vineyard's Anniversary White, a sweet table wine from Pennsylvania; which we intend to save til next year.

The lil glasses hanging there are from the only winery in Mississippi, Natchez's own Old South Winery.  We had gotten them while we were on our honeymoon.  Cuz these particular bottles are long and slender, the middle two glass slots are not being used as intended~~but that's ok, cuz I figured the cork~screws were in keeping with the wine theme.

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