18 November 2011

My husband, holding a can of diet Moxie, from the Catawissa Bottling Works, which is behind the house I spent my teen years in.

A childhood friend and me, outside of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This is a covered bridge outside of my hometown, Catawissa, Pennsylvania.   I used to walk thru this bridge quite frequently.  It spans across Catawissa Creek.  When my husband and I visited Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, we drove around, and I showed him where I grew up.  I also showed him where my father grew up, where my mother grew up, where they met, where they wed, where my mom's parents are buried, and where I went to college.  It was definitely a trip down memory lane for me, as I haven't visited PA for ten years, having moved away over fifteen years ago.


  1. I've heard of Moxie. It's a South-only soda, right?

  2. It was a fun-tab-ulous trip! But it was nice to get home too. As far as Moxie - its a North-Eastern thing - read the Wikipedia entry for it.

  3. I used to love Moxie waaaaay back then, but I think it was a peer pressure kind of like because recently I tried some and thought to myself, "who drinks this sh*t?" {chuckle, chuckle}


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