12 October 2011

would the real results please come forward

Okey dokey, so I expressed my concerns, anxiety, and puzzlement with my counselor earlier.  I didn't know for sure whom to speak with and which way would be the best way to approach the whole breastestes questions.  My counselor helped me sort thru some stuff, and then we made some decisive calls and whoa and behold we talked with the actual radiologist to ascertain that my left breast doesn't have the new unfamiliar dense pea and that it was my right breast that had the mass.  The doc verified that yes, that was right {as in correct, also that it was my right and not the left breast: right in every way}.  So I am much relieved.  I then went back to the office and showed the nurse that the document reads "left" when it was my right breast which hid the pea and the right I had ultrasounded and the right that was biopsied.  So yup, I'm way more assured today than I was yesterday.  Yea!!!

Here's the thing:  no indication of malignancy.  Yea!!  Yea for breastests!


  1. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! (from the husband!)

  2. I second, third and fourth that. Such a worry,waiting on results.


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