11 October 2011

results: yea...?

please note, this is not me; notice the absence of tattoos
"Mild fibrocystic disorder of breast with micro cyst formation and focal duct epithelial hyperplasia.  NO evidence of malignancy..." {emphasis on NO is mine}

So I'll go back in six months for a follow~up ultrasound to have my right breast lubed and viewed.  I'm pretty stoked!  I do, however, have to return tomorrow to correct something in my charts.  But that's minor.

Or should be.  I fear that if it's not corrected tho, at some point, there may be some confusion regarding my left breast.   My diagnostic records show that it was my left breast with the pea, but it was my right breast biopsied.  Ok.  So uhm, should I be concerned about this?  Is the pea really in my right breast, and so the specimen was mislabeled?  Or is the pea really in my left breast and my right was biopsied, but perhaps the left should have been?

I'd laugh, but I'm not sure if it's really that funny.


  1. Just double check with them...which probably means doing so in person I'm afraid. I can't imagine getting reassurance about something like this over the phone.

  2. Geez girl, are you sure it was your boobies at all?
    God, don't let them cut on anything until they figure out there left from their right, or is it my left and your right?



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