03 October 2011

My special eyes, my cat eyes

So about ten days ago, I wrote a lil letter to Zenni~Optical; and POOF!  Speedy service, they rushed making three pairs of glasses for me and sent them to me priority.  Here I am, rockin' the retro cat~eye frames.  I love, Love, LOVE these glasses.

Love 'em.

And so does my husband.

Cuz he loves me, and is clearly biased.  I think he would love whatever I put on my face.  But he really does like these.


  1. Some people can pull off the retro thing. You can.
    I cannot. :(

  2. U ROCK da RETRO. Looking for that Leopard print smock and extra long cig holder to totally nail that 50's Chic!


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