16 October 2011

a few tids and bits

 Awhile back, we had to get a new camera.  So this lapghan was something I did this summer, a few months ago.  But it's the first time I was able to get my picture taken, saved, and uploaded.

So this is a turqua lapghan for the VA hospital in Jackson.

Sophie turned a year old earlier this month.  My husband made her a "cake", using a can of dog food {a real treat as she's never had wet food like that!} sandwiched between two slices of bread, soaked in gravy.

Complete with a candle and everything!!

This leaf we bought in Natchez.

It fits in nicely with the rest of our autumnal decor.

When we got home from Natchez, there was a package waiting for us.  While I was unpacking our bags, my husband unpacked the box and set out my anniversary present~~pumpkin tea set!!

So immediately I made us some mango/peach tea!  The pot and cups are microwavable, so I filled the pot with water and zapped it.  I let the tea steep and poured it into the two cups and guess what?  It was exactly the right amount.



  1. That's like the best doggy cake EVER!

  2. I love the pics. Almost as much as I love you!

  3. Beautiful tea set and leaf.
    Have a great week.


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